Dear Friends,
Greetings !!
Bihar turn around has made the world turn around and notice Bihar and its Achievements.   Global economy watchers like the World Bank, Newsweek, Economist, just to name a few, have   noticed the Bihar revival saga. Even the staunchest skeptics today, have no choice, but to appreciate the growth story, Bihar has so diligently authored in a very brief span of time.
The State, with a rich heritage is now on a growth path of development with justice and prosperity steeped in peace. The sixteen percent-plus growth figure is a mere mathematical index of the progress this state has made. The real change has been manifest in the sense of security and well-being, the gentry of Bihar has experienced. While the hospitals, roads and bridges have witnessed the more tangible change, it has been the cultural renaissance and the joie de vivre of the people at large, that has silently but surely made the change universally perceptible.
Bihar and its people today are happy and proud. We have proven, and now we want to show, that worldwide, we are second to none.
I hope that your interest in the development of Bihar remains unabated and would like to assure you that we shall be working overtime to see that your ideas are fructified in the near future.
Bihar needs your good wishes and active co-operation. Remember – together we can, and we will, change the face of Bihar.
Shri Sandeep Poundrik, IAS
Chief Executive Officer, Bihar Foundation