Frequently Asked Questions 
Ques : What is Bihar Foundation?

Ans : A demand was put forward by the Diaspora for creating a platform where they could come together, share their views and through which they could contribute in the development of their motherland. To honour emotions and demand of Bihari diaspora, the Government of Bihar decided to establish Bihar Foundation by a resolution 

Ques : Who can Register for a Non - Resident Bihari?
Ans : Any diaspora for Bihar who is either living in India or abroad can proceed for the regsitration process.

Ques : How can I Register being a Non - Resident Bihari?
Ans : Being a diaspora of Bihar, you can register yourself by visiting Home Page and Registering yourself by Clicking on Non Resident Bihari Registration box & proceed accordingly.

Ques : Is there any fee for registration ?
Ans : No,the Registration is absolutely free.

Ques : I want to know more about my Town/Village/School? How is it possible?
Ans : To help us know more about your Town/Village etc. you can register on the Home page with the section "Know your Roots"

Ques : What is "Know Your Roots"?
Ans : Know your Roots is a special initiative by Bihar Foundation to help you Locate your roots viz Your Village,Town, Ancestors,Family,Relatives,Friends,Schools,College.Please fill up "Know your Roots" form and upload relevant documents and send it back to us.We will get back to you once we furnish the necessary information.

Ques : I am a diasopra of Bihar.Can I contribute to my State/City/Village/School etc.?
Ans :
 Yes, You can.For that you need to Register yourself & then Login to "Know your Roots" in the Home Page.