Conceived to act as a platform to facilitate interaction between the Government of Bihar and the Diaspora at multiple levels, Bihar Foundation solicits ideas, investments and knowledge resources across sectors and verticals that can help in the development of Bihar.

The Foundation strives to build a better Bihar by embracing three initiatives supporting our core values:
Bonding | Branding | Business

Objectives of Bihar Foundation:

  1. To strengthen and renew bonds between all stakeholders in overall socio-economic development of the state.

  2. To facilitate participation of Bihari diasporas in development of the state.

  3. To promote well being of Biharis living in different part of the country and the world.  

  4. To provide a forum and facilitate communication between diasporas and the state 

  5. To take all steps to accelerate human, social and economic development in Bihar.

  6. To organize training, guidance and information for all stake holders.  

  7. To set up libraries, reference and information centers.

  8. To publish literatures and material in different media. 

  9. To establish center for supply of data, projects and information to Government and other stake holders. 

  10. To coordinate and facilitate developmental activities of institution engaged in development of Bihar. 

  11. To establish, maintain or manage offices, centers, rest houses, conference hall for welfare of Bihar.  

  12. To provide inputs and suggestion to Government for policy making.

  13. To assess social infrastructure in the state and suggest measures to meet the gaps. 

  14. To raise or borrow money to achieve objectives of the Foundation.

  15. To do all such things as may be necessary to attain the objectives of the Foundation.