Conceived to act as a platform to facilitate interaction between the Government of Bihar and the Diaspora at multiple levels, Bihar Foundation solicits ideas, investments and knowledge resources across sectors and verticals that can help in the development of Bihar.

The Foundation strives to build a better Bihar by embracing three initiatives supporting our core values:
Bonding | Branding | Business

The main objectives guiding our activities are:

1) To provide a forum for and to facilitate communication and interaction between Non-Resident Biharis (NRB’s) and the state of Bihar.
2) To facilitate the participation of Bihari diaspora and other Indians in the development of the state of Bihar by involving them in the process of state building and by leveraging their strengths and resources in the fields of Agriculture and allied sectors, Agro based industries, Industries, Tourism, Education, Power, Social welfare, Medical and Healthcare sectors, Infrastructure and other areas of development.

3) To unite and form Self Help Groups / local chapters of NRB’s in areas which have substantial Bihari migrant population and to aid them in developing the state of Bihar through strategic interventions in various fields.

4) To take steps for improving the vocational training and skill capacity of migrant Bihari labour and to improve their wages and conditions of work.

5) To set up libraries, reference and information centres and systems, promotion centres and bodies, demonstration and common service centres relevant to the objectives of the Foundation.

6) To provide inputs and suggestions to the GoB regarding policies and schemes designed for the development of the state and to create such funds and endowments as necessary for their implementation.