Shri Sushil Kumar Modi // Chairman
Shri Sushil Kumar Modi is currently serving as Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar cum Chairman, Bihar Foundation.


Shri Shyam Rajak // Executive Chairman
Shri Shyam Rajak is presently serving as Minister, Department of Industries – cum –Executive Chairman of Bihar Foundation



Dr. Subhash Sharma // Member,Secretary
Dr. Subhash Sharma is presently serving as Development Commissioner, Bihar-cum-Member Secretary of Bihar Foundation.


Shri R.S. Srivastav // Chief Executive Officer
Shri R.S. Srivastav is serving as Managing Director, BIADA-cum-Chief Executive Officer, Bihar Foundation


Shri Ravindra Prasad  // Officer on Special Duty
Shri Ravindra Prasad is serving as Director, Technical Developmemt in Department of Industries-cum-Officer on Special Duty, Bihar Foundation.



Vikash Sarkar  // Manager - Public Relations
Vikash Sarkar is Manager – Public Relation in Bihar Foundation. He has a vivid experience both in industry and academics. He is an extremely methodical and creative person and has held prior positions that involved exceptionally good administration and leadership skills. Vikash Sarkar holds an MBA degree in Sales & Marketing from L. N. Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change, Patna in 2010.


Shrikant Sharma  // Accounts - Manager
Shrikant has more than 7 years’ experience in Accounts management and prior to joining Bihar Foundation he has served in various Government and Corporate Positions handling key responsibilities in Accounting and Financial Management. He is a certified TIPA (The Institute of Professional accountants) professional and is a Post Graduate in Commerce from Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar.